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Winter Weather

Just a reminder  that the winter months are quickly approaching. It is each resident’s responsibility to make sure your home is winterized and prepared for winter. All garden hoses should be removed from outside faucets and the faucets should be free from dripping water. Make sure that you do not have water or sewer leaks under your home. Once any leaks have been corrected, properly wrap the water pipes with insulation and heat tape. The insulation and heat tape should also cover the outside connection pipes and meters. Each resident should also make sure that the skirting located at the bottom portion of the home is fastened and secure. This will help protect the pipes underneath the home from unnecessary exposure to cold temperatures, as open skirting acts as a wind tunnel and keeps the cold air trapped under the home. Taking these preventative steps will not only help keep pipes from freezing, but will help with the energy costs of heating your home. The mobile home park is not responsible for broken or frozen pipes so it is very important that you ensure your home is properly prepared.

If you notice water or sewer leaks on vacant lots or other tenants' homes, please notify management immediately so we can work to get these problems corrected. We wish you all a safe, healthy, & warm winter and glad you choose to make Cain's View Estates your home! 

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